Brad Point Drills

  • Allied Tool Group's Brad Point drills are manufactured in Europe using quality materials and are designed for long service life in high volume production applications.  Brad Point drills are available in carbide tipped and solid carbide designs. 
  • Brad Point drills are typically used for partial through bore drilling applications that require a clean entry (opening) and a flat bottom hole. 
  • Brad Point drills can be used for thru-hole drilling applications if the exit hole finish is not critical.  When properly supported, blow out of the exit hole can be minimized in most materials.
  • The Brad Point drill tip accurately positions the drill on the material and the side cutting spurs reduce splintering and chipping for a smooth top edge finish.  Suitable for drilling both laminated and raw man-made and solid wood materials.  Solid carbide versions can be used to drill some plastic and composite materials. 
  • Drills utilize the industry standard 10mm diameter shank with set screw drive flat.  The shank is internally threaded and holds a set screw for depth of cut adjustments.  The set screw can be removed to use quick change connectors. 
  • Our Brad Point drills are available in more than 200 standard sizes to match most application requirements.  Custom single and multi-step drills can be manufactured to customer specifications.