Hinge Boring Set - HB1

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HB1 - Hinge Boring Set
Hinge Boring Set - HB1
HB1 - Carbide Tipped Hinge Boring Machine Drill Set
Materials: Laminated MDF, particle board and plywood core materials
Application: The HB1 is a complete set of industrial duty, high performance carbide tipped drills for use on most hinge boring machines.  These high quality drills ensure a long service life and smooth top edge finish when boring laminated materials.  The set includes: 
  • (1) HB3500.57RH |Hinge bit drill
      • Right hand rotation 35mm diameter x 57mm overall length hinge bit drill 
  • (2) BP800.57LH |Brad Point drills
      • Left hand rotation 8mm diameter x 57mm overall length Brad Point drills