Delta - Downshear Finishing Tools

Delta Series Downshear Finishing Tools | Wood & Wood Composite Materials

  • The Delta Series Downshear tools eliminate chipping and fraying to provide superior quality top edge finish through the most demanding and abrasive laminates and veneers. 
  • Downshear cutting action puts additional downward pressure on material to minimize or eliminate part movement.
  • A variety of diameters, flute designs, and lengths of cut are available to closely match tooling to all aspects of the projects application including material, machining, and programming requirements.
  • Primarily used to machine Dado's / Grooves / Slots (Slot Milling) and Rabbits (End Milling) in a variety of manmade and solid wood applications.
  • Manmade wood composites | Laminates / Veneers | Natural wood | Solid surface materials