Kilo - Single Flute Finishing Tools

kilo-group-2.jpgSingle Flute Upshear and Downshear Finishing Tools | Plastic & Composite Materials

  • Kilo Series single flute spiral finishing tools feature a polished flute face, unique multi-facet angular relief and special tool geometries to cleanly machine a variety of soft and hard plastic materials.
  • These features are designed to eliminate material overheating, which prevents material melting, re-welding and build-up on tooling when machining plastic and composite materials.
  • Upshear geometry effectively lifts and removes chips from the work piece to further minimizing heat buildup reducing the likelihood of melting, re-welding and sticking of the material being machined.
  • Downshear tooling puts additional downward pressure on material to minimize or eliminate part movement when machining difficult to hold down materials, small or irregularly shaped parts.